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Creating charts & reports for the first time

The overview of the steps involved in the generation of PowerPoint report from a DP table like PIN input, PowerPoint template input, etc

Key concepts of Insight-AI

The overview of the key principles and some very useful features in Insights-AI.

Color and Font Customization

Customizations of colors and fonts require just a few clicks in Insights-AI

Customization of Chart Elements

Insights-AI provides a simple user interface to customize different elements of the chart such as axes, chart type, etc

Creating Advanced Chart Types

Creation of Waterfall, Speedometers etc. are a click away

Table Specific Formatting

Size, position, color customization, and many more options for the charts of individual table

Customizing Brand and Scale specific Colors

Defining brand or country-specific colors, as well as color for rating scales, are cakewalks with Insights-AI

Replicating charts for multi-country study and trackers

The overview of the steps involved in the replication of one report to another with the same structure but different data