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Now free up your researcher’s time from doing difficult tasks and enable them to do what they do best – Provide business insights

Best data visualization

Conveying a story is an art; however, selecting optimal visualization for drawing insights is a science.

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The tool exports hundreds of charts and designs the slides using pre-defined templates in less than 30 minutes.

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Works on any
data table

Whether you use Confirmit, Decipher, Sawtooth, etc., Insights-AI can read and analyze the data tables...

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Works on any templates

The tool allows you to customize your slide template that you can choose to use it one time or use the same...

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Imagine an analyst’s world where no charts formatting is required!

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Guaranteed peace of mind; no need to share/upload your survey data to any portal!

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This is what our clients have to say about us.

"It’s surprising to see the speed at which the Insights-AI tool can convert hundreds of Excel data tables to professional PowerPoint charts. Not to mention the added advantages of having an error-free output, its ability to work on multiple data formats, and the easy customization. The tool allows my team of researchers to focus on the task that is most important – deliver actionable insights to clients – and not struggle with the operational aspects of research, like charting and formatting. This is an absolutely fantastic tool, and I would strongly recommend you try this.”

Client Engagement Manager

“Insights-AI has a significant and direct impact on business profitability, as it helps unleash the tied up (chart specs, charts QC, briefings, etc.) capacity to focus on the most value added activity of generating insights – which translates in happy and loyal customers.”

Mid-size agency

“AI Insights is a transformative tool, which enables you to save crucial time on slide generation and actually invest your time in creating valuable market insights for the client. I would highly recommend this tool for a large-scale usage.”

Research Manager
Global Agency

“Insights AI is a revolutionary tool which can generate accurate charts at warp speed. With lots of customization features available, the charts represent the data in the best possible visualization to deliver the insights in most impactful way.”

Research Analyst
Boutique agency


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